1. Windows 2000 driver for 2000B/L only:

w2ksetupfir.doc            28k

NS2K111R.inf                6k

w2ksetupfir.doc - Windows 2000 installation guide for the ACT-IR2000B/L.

NS2K111R.inf - Windows 2000 driver for ACT-IR2000B/L.

2. Windows NT 4.0 driver for 220L:

QuickBeam Suite for Windows NT 4.0

QuickBeam Suite (Third party software available for Windows NT 4.0) - includes the IrDA drivers for our IR220L under Windows NT 4.0 and file transfer application.

3. WINDOWS 95 IR driver for 2000B/L only:

irda30.exe                615k

irda30.exe - Window 95 IrDA FIR driver 3.0 beta (does not work with Window 98)

4. WINDOWS 95 IR driver for 220L, 200L, and 210L:

irda20.exe               343k

irxfer.exe                138k

irda20.exe - Window 95 IrDA driver 2.0 (does not work with Window 98)

irxfer.exe - Window 95/98 application file transfer software

5. WINDOWS 98 SIR and FIR Installation guide:

win98fir.doc    178k

win98sir.doc           171k

Please use Window 98 built in IrDA driver
win98sir.doc - Windows 98 IrDA 1.0 installation guide for 220L, 200L, 210L.

win98fir.doc - Windows 98 IrDA 1.1 installation guide for 2000L, 2000B/L.

6. WINDOWS 3.11 IR driver for 220L, 200L and 210L:
Irwin311.exe      1.4M

irwin311.exe - Window 3.11 IrDA driver

7. Nokia Cellular Phone application software for 220L+ and 210L (Demo Version)

Logoman.zip 367K

Logoman.zip-Third party application software forȝ菝 Nokia 6110,6130,6150, nk702, 7110, 8810, 8210 and 8850 phones using ACT-220L+ and ACT-IR210L.(Demo Version)

If you find it useful, you can order full version from ourȝ菝 product order page, it will appear when software is ready in our price list.


8. IR driver for Nokia mobile phone with 220L and 210L:
nokia.zip         71k
Nokia.zip - IR driver for Nokia 6110, 6150, and 8810 phones using ACT-IR220L and ACT-IR210L
* We are not responsible for the above free third-party software to 
work properly in your system. We are not responsible for the integrity
or time spent and any damage it may cause on your system. ACTiSYS has
yet to independently verify the third software in our environment.
But ACTiSYS cannot offer it may not work in your environment.