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-- Technical Support & Trouble Shooting Guide--

ACTiSYS Corporation has provided this online section of trouble shooting guidelines for your review. In order to save yourself valuable time, please review them before contacting our technical support team.

ACT-IR100M Trouble Shooting Guide

IR100M Installation and Power-Up Procedure

  1. Be sure to turn off printer power first.
  2. Connect IR100M to the printer Cen36 connector and power up the unit by plugging into AC adapter. You should only see the red power LED on, not the two green LEDs.
  3. Turn on the printer which may initialize itself for few seconds.
  4. Still, only red LED on. Now, if you send print job through IR port or printer cable, the corresponding sinlge green LED will be on.
  5. If any problem; switch off the printer, unplug the AC adapter to IR100M, wait for 5 seconds and then plug back the AC adapter, and switch on the printer again.

ACT-IR100M LED Indicator:

The ACT-IR100M LEDs include the following: the infrared port LED (Green), the parallel port LED (Green), and power LED (Red).

  1. Only RED LED light is always on.
  2. When IR Green LED Flashing, ACT-IR100M found IrDA system/ ACT-IR100M is printing thought IR port.
  3. When Print LED Flashing, ACT-IR100M is printing through print port / printer is sending waiting signal. (for bidirectional printer)
  4. If IR LED (Green) is ON and not flashing, ACT-IR100M is locked. Need to perform reset!
  5. If Printer LED (Green) is ON and not flashing, the ACT-IR100M is locked. Need to perform reset!
  6. If all LEDís are OFF ACT-IR100M will not print. It will not find IrDA system. Check to make sure ACT-IR100M is powered ON.

Trouble Shooting FAQ:

Question: How to perform reset on ACT-IR100M.
Answer: Simply unplug and reconnect AC jack connector from the side of the ACT-IR100M. Repeat 2-3 times.

Question: Why after I print some pages through parallel port to my HP4L, I can not do IR printing for 3 mins?
Answer: After you print some pages through parallel port, some bi-directional printer commands will still occupy the line for 3 mins. The printer is waiting for more data from parallel port! Thus, during the printer waiting period, you can not use IR printing! You can use after 3 min. If you experience more than 3 mins, please report to our Tech Support.

Question: I can't print from notebook PC FIR window?

  1. Check to be sure your IR is activated on notebook. If it is, you'll see IR monitor and icon.
  2. In "control Panel-priner", create a copy of your printer, set it to IR port or LPT3 port (not LPT1 port or server of your original printer). Set this new one as your default printer if you'll use it mostly.
  3. In your IR monitor, pls select "options", and then select "limit connection speed to: *115.2Kbps*".
  4. On the printer side, pls follow "power-up procedure".

Other Troubleshooting Procedures

Before contacting ACTiSYS technical support, please check the follow things:

  1. Check the AC adapter. Make sure it is firmly attached to ACT-IR100M and to the wall outlet. Also it should be 7.5V-12V, inside positive.
  2. Check the path between ACT-IR100M and your portable PC. Make sure there are no obstructions. The ACT-IR100M and your portable PC should be aligned correctly.
  3. Check the infrared driver communication port setting on your portable PC. Make sure there is no conflict between your infrared device and other devices such as a mouse, a modem.
  4. Check the printer setting on your portable PC. Make sure it is using an infrared printing port.

 If the problem is still unsolved, please contact ACTiSYS technical support.


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