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IR 9000SW: IrDA-1.1 (9.6K-4M bps) System Test Software  

IR9000SW is the IrDA-1.1 compatible hardware system test software for two-stations set up. It is used in conjunction with the ACTiSYS IrDA fast infrared add-on card ACT-IR2000B and motherboard adapter ACT-IR2000L as reference unit for testing both IrDA notebook or desktop PC as DUT (Device Under Test). Another IR2000L is used as attachment to the motherboard of the DUT desktop PC. It is being used as IrDA test reference for engineering and production-line test stations at the leading IrDA notebook and motherboard and desktop PC manufacturers.

  1. System Requirement:
    • IBM compatible 80x86, Pentium PC system with ACTiSYS IrDA-FIR add-on card ACT-IR2000B and FIR motherboard adapter ACT-IR2000L as the reference system.
    • Another ACT-IR2000L is used for the FIR super I/O equipped motherboard of DUT desktop system, or notebook with built in IrDA-1.1 FIR window.
    • MS-DOS or Windows 95/MS-DOS mode.
  2. Hardware Set Up:
    • Plug the ACTiSYS IR2000B add on card into one free ISA slot on the motherboard of the reference system and connect the ACT-IR2000L FIR adapter to this add on card.
    • If test the IrDA window built into notebook, go to the next step. If test the IrDA-FIR function of a desktop PC, plug another ACTiSYS IR2000L on the FIR motherboard of the DUT desktop PC.
    • Aim two infrared ports at each other.
  3. Software Set Up:
    • The default setting is:
      • FIR Add-on Card: IR2000B
      • FIR M.B. Adapter: IR2000L
      • COM Port: 2
      • IRQ: 3
      • Data Transfer Method: DMA
      • Tx/Rx DMA Channel: 0
      • FIFO Level: 32Bytes
      • Start Up Level: Master
      • Test Speed: FIR (4Mbps)
      • No. of Packets: 20
      • Packet Size: 2048
      • Packet Pattern: #4
      • Error Rate(%): 0.00
      • Error Rate Factor: 1.00
      • Direction: Two Ways
      • Beeper: Off
    • Type IR9k set will activate interactive setting which allows you to select different setting parameters.
      • COM Port: Com 1 to Com 4.
      • IRQ: 3 to 5, 7, 9, 11, 15.
      • Data Transfer Method: DMA or PIO.
      • Tx/Rx DMA Channel: 0, 1, 3.
      • FIFO Level: 16Bytes or 32Bytes.
      • Start Up Mode: Master or Slave.
      • If Master is selected:
      • Speed Choice: FIR (4Mbps) or MIR (1Mbps).
      • Packet Number: Any, up to 32,000 packets.
      • Test Packet Size: 512, 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K Bytes per packet.
      • Test Pattern: #1, #2, #3, #4.
      • #1-Special pattern, #2-Sending all 0's,
      • #3-Sending all 1's, #4-Sending random numbers
      • Passed Error Rate: Any.
      • Error Rate: Any; % or BER (Bit Error Rate).
      • Direction Choice: One way or two ways.
      • Beeper: On or Off.   

    • A file DEFAULT.9k can be used to save the setting parameter as default setting.
    • A file Result.9k can be used to save all the test results. 

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