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-- Technical Support & Trouble Shooting Guide --

ACTiSYS Corporation has provided this online section of trouble shooting guidelines for your review. In order to save yourself valuable time, please review them before contacting our technical support team.

ACT-IR220L IrDA Serial Adapter FAQ

Q. What is special about your IrDA adapters?

Answer: Our computer serial adapters are among the smallest size, best performance and lowest priced on the market!

The following features relate to the IR220L:

a) Official IrDA Reference Product, certified by IrDA Board of Directors.

b) Driver built into Windows 95/98/2000 by Microsoft. No need for additional floppy disk installation.

c) Fully tested to the broadest inter-operability with many other IrDA devices. The IR220L is IrREADY certified. Compatible with mobile devices like industrial HHC from Telxon, Symbol, Fujitsu, Palm Pilot III, Psion, GSM IrDA phone, digital camera, etc.

d) The compact IR220L has the longest IR distance on the market, 0-2+ meters with no external power source!

e) ACTiSYS is the OEM volume leader in the world market.

Q. What are the pricing, payment terms, warranty and support arrangements?

Answer: Payment terms is in full for non U.S. customers, in advance; and credit terms can be arranged for U.S. based corporate customers. We also accepted payment by major credit cards or wire transfer.

The warranty is for 12 months for any faulty product with the one provision that the adapter itself has not been opened. This voids the warranty.

Support will be provided through telephone, email and fax communications.

Q: Do your IrDA serial adapters need external power and what is the maximum infrared connectivity distance?

Answer: ACTiSYS IrDA computer serial adapters require no external power, use our special power-conversion circuitry. All the necessary power is drawn from the serial port.

The IR220L can reach 2.4 meter! We also have special models for custom applications reaching up to 10 meter at various speed! The IR200L (IrDA and ASK-IR dual mode) can achieve 1 meter without an external power source.

Q: What is the price of your adapters?

Answer: Please feel free to check our price page for the retail price. For dealers, distributor or OEMs, please inquire direct. ACTiSYS offers competitive rates with the best quality on the market! Please contact us for  individual quotes.

Q: I live in Europe, do you have any distributors in my country?

Answer: Yes, we do have European distributors in different countries. Please email to us your location and we will refer you to the closest distributor nearest you.

Q: Is the IR220L compatible with PDAs, Palm Pilot?

Answer: Absolutely. The IR220L is compatible with the vast majority of PDAs, PalmTops, and Handheld computers that are on the market. This includes the PalmIII/V/VII, Psion 5 series and the full range of Windows CE devices and C-PEN.

Q: I have Windows95. How can do file transfer?

Answer: Check here for details. Each dongle comes with the free Microsoft IR 2.0 driver.

Q: I have Windows98. Where can I find the drivers for the IR220L/200L?

Answer: The IrDA driver for the IR220L is pre-loaded on the Win98 CD. To install you would go to the "add new hardware device" on control panel and select "infrared device" and the install wizard will lead you to setup the IrDA driver for Win98. Please make sure you select "ACT-IR220L" or "ACT-IR200L" on SIR dongle type. Please get back to us if you have additional questions or concerns.

Q: What if I am using NT 4.0 or Windows2000?

Answer: Microsoft did not design IrDA into NT 4.0, therefore there is no IrDA hardware/software support. You have to purchase the additional third party software for Win NT 4.0 to be compatible with IR220L.

However, we have been working with Microsoft with regard to  the release of Windows 2000. This operating system offers full support for all the relevant  IrDA data rates. The IrDA driver is pre-loaded on the Win2000 CD.  Our IrDA adapters are compatible with Windows 2000.

Q: Will the IR220L work with my Nokia phone?

Answer: The Nokia 9000, 9000i, 9000il and 9110 Communicator are all compatible with the IR220L.  ACTiSYS adapters are included in Nokia's solution guide to the 9110.

For Nokia phones, model numbers: 6110, 6150, and 8810, you need to download additional free third party software,

to be compatible with IR220L.

The IR220L unfortunately is not compatible with the following series of Nokia phones the 2000, 7000 series. This is due to their IrDA-noncompatible SW driver.

Q: Will the IR220L work with my Ericsson phone?

Answer: The Ericsson SH888 and the SF888 has been well tested and is compatible with the IR220L.

Q: What devices can I use that are compatible with the IR220L?

Answer: Here is the compatible table for your reference.

 If the problem is still unsolved, please contact ACTiSYS technical support.


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