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-- Technical Support & Trouble Shooting Guide --

ACTiSYS Corporation has provided this online section of trouble shooting guidelines for your review. In order to save yourself valuable time, please review them before contacting our technical support team.

  • Question: What is the price of licensing your protocol software?

    Answer: Please answer the following questions as much as possible so we may provide you with the most applicable and best price:
    1. Please let us know the type of your products and applications;
  • Peripheral devices (IrDA Secondary Station Protocol), portable computers (IrDA primary Station Protocol) or Telecom devices (IrCOMM protocol).
  • IR wireless printing, intensive file transfer to host computer, to peer devices, occasional file uploading to host PC, needs to automatically wake up host PC, tough IR environment, distance and angle requirement, transfer speeds requirement, type of interfacing IR devices (IrDA and/or ASK-IR), inter-operating IrDA products (e.g. Windows 95 or Puma-Tranxit software, HP-5MP printer, etc.), your own application software running on the host PC, needs to interface with ASK-IR based PDAs (e.g. Sharp-Zaurus, etc.)?
    1. Please return a signed NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement) form
    2. What is the timeframe of integrating our software to demonstrate your product and the final code frozen date?
    3. What is your estimated annual volume and your preference of source or object code licensing? One-time fee or royalty-bearing?
    4. What type of microprocessor do you use?
    5. Would you like us to first conduct a review and evaluation service on your relevant spec. (system, I/O, ASIC chip, etc.) with a written report and recommendation?
    6. Do you prefer to do your own porting and integration?
    7. How will you do fast (less than 10 sec. per device) production-line screening test of the IR function of your product?
    8. Do you need the external computer or printer adapters to complement your products or retrofit your existing models?
    9. Are you a VAR or OEM?
    10. Do you and when will you need the FIR/IrDA-1.1 (4Mbps)?
  • Question: After completing these questions, what next?

    Answer: We'll immediately respond to you with a preliminary price quote and schedule to start the serious discussion with you.
  • Question: How ready is your IrDA Protocol Software?

    Answer: We already have dozens of major international OEMs as paid customers of our IrDA protocol software licensees in source or object codes, in 80C51 or C codes. They are manufacturers in the following areas: desktop and belt- mounted portable printers, cellular telephone, pager, portable instrumentation, portable medical monitoring devices, filed test devices, Telecom accessories, still-image camera, modems, input device, etc. Our software in C and other assembly codes for 115.2K bps are ready now.
  • Question: Why should we license from your company?

    Answer: You may want to consider the following parameters:
    1. We have already done the following to save you time not to re- invent the wheel: developed the codes, assured production quality, established inter-operability with many other leading IrDA software and hardware products on the markets and to be introduced, conducted various life test in different application models by us and our OEM licensees, Established IrDA compliance
    2. We'll continue conducting life test and inter-operability test and expand and upgrade our codes when new IrDA guidelines or additional application layers are approved
    3. We are also the leading supplier and volume leader of IrDA- compliant hardware adapters for computer, printer, Telecom products. Our codes are built into our hardware products to stand volume and field test by end users. We can support your needs of these external adapters for your products. We also understand very well your implementation requirement to provide you with the most suitable codes for timely integration.
    4. We have also developed production-line fast screening-test software to support our OEM licensees. We can confidently support your needs of IrDA protocol and test software and adapter hardware as the only IrDA Total Solution provider on the market!
    5. We'll continue to lead the way as early provider of FIR (IrDA- 1.1) 4 Mbps and IrLAN protocol software. We'll continue inter- operability test with numerous emerging FIR-capable peripheral or computing platform products.

 If the problem is still unsolved, please contact ACTiSYS technical support.


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