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IR 2000U: IrDA-USB FIR Computer Adapter

The ACT-IR2000U IrDA USB adapter provides a bridge to the USB port of a desktop PC, allowing high speed 4M bps wireless data transfer for record synchronization, file back-up and network access. No external power is needed!

The ACT-IR2000U adapter is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP. The IR2000U is bundled with the Windows driver, which allows wireless data communication from laptop, PDA, digital camera, cellular phone, data terminal, mobile medical units and other portable devices to a PC with plug-and-play simplicity.

The ACT-IR2000U is fully compliant to USB specification 1.1,data rates of 12Mbps and IrDA specification 1.1,  data rates of 9.6, 19.2, 38.4, 57.6, 115.2Kbps and 4Mbps. It can reach a communication distance of 3cm to 100cm,  it is bus-powered device and no external power supply needed.

The ACT-IR2000U does not occupy PC's COM or Parallel port and has no complicated hardware resource setting and conflict, such as IO address / IRQ / DMA numbers. It is PNP (Plug And Play) device and its installation is much simpler than any other IR adapters.

The ACT-IR2000U shows full interoperability of USB devices and can work together with hundreds of other USB devices on the same PC if you have enough USB hubs. You can unplug it at any time if you have no enough USB ports on your PC and need connecting other USB device temporarily. You need not remove and reinstall its driver for it.


  • Infra-Red Wireless USB Interface Adapter.
  • IR head can be easily attached to any convenient desktop location using Velcro.
  • Ruggedized version, IR2000UR is also available.
  • The ACT-IR2000U bundles with easy, 1-step Windows 98/2000/ME/XP driver. It comes in two cable lengths: IR2000U (120cm or 4 ft cable) for desktop PC and IR2000U-S (10cm or 4" short cable) for notebook.



Multi-standard: Compatible with IrDA-1.0, 1.1; USB 1.1 specifications.
COMMUNICATION DISTANCE & SPEEDS: IrDA-1.0 : 3-100cm; 9.6, 19.2, 38.4, 57.6, 115.2Kbps
IrDA-1.1: 3-100cm;  4Mbps
ACT-IR2000U: An integrated 4 ft (120cm) cable with USB connector.
ACT-IR2000U-S: An integrated 4 inch (10cm) short cable with USB connector.
USB port power only. No external power required.
Active < 400mA, Stand-by: < 0.5mA
IR2000U: 2.4"L x 1.4"W x 0.74"H
IR2000U: 2.4 oz (65.0 gr)

Compatible with the following IR or IrDA capable devices:
For Windows 2000 users a virtual comport driver may be required in some applications. If so, a special third party software is required for an additional US$17.00.
Notebook:  Software:  Handheld PC/PDA: 
All notebook's  with USB connector  Windows 98 

Windows ME 

Windows 2000 

Windows XP 

Windows 95 is not compatible 

Windows NT 4.0 is not compatible 

Psion 3C/Series 5 

Palm Pilot III, V, & VII 

All Windows CE 2.0-H/PC

Printer: Cellphone: Digital Camera:
HP-5MP Laser Printer 

HP-6P Laser Printer 


Nokia 9000, 9000i, 8000, 7110 

Ericsson SH888 / SF888 

Alcatel, Sharp PMC 

Nokia 2xxx series are not compatible 

Sony DSC-F1 

Sharp VE-LS5 



All desktop PC's with USB connector 



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