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-- About Us --  

To be a leading supplier of the intelligent infrared and RF connectivity solutions for the mobile world by providing the highest quality, best performance, competitively priced and well serviced family of products.
  • Headquarter in Fremont, CA. Focus on IR/mobile products since 1990.
  • Funding member of IrDA in 1993. Introduced the 1st IrDA adapter in 1993.
  • Co-authored IrDA Light Protocol and Test/Inter-op Spec.
  • Adapters awarded the coveted "IrDA Golden Reference" & "IrReady" status.
  • The only supplier of the IrDA handheld tester (IR3200M) on the market, an industry standard
  • The only supplier of the compact, modular IR printer adapter (IR100M) for PDA, smart phone.
  • The only supplier of the ruggedized serial adapter (IR220LR), popular in the vertical markets.
  • The only supplier of the intelligent RS232 adapter (IR100S), instant IrDA solution!  
  • The only supplier of the IrDA Lab and USB Forum duly certified USB-FIR adapter (IR2000U).
  • Top among five IrDA authorized certification Labs worldwide.
  • Top three suppliers of IrDA protocol software and serial adapter (IR220L+)
  • Top supplier of IrDA adapters, tester in the certification and quality-driven vertical markets.  
  • Our USB-FIR adapter is the featured device on USB website,
  • The only company does 100% IrDA Bit-Error-Rate test on all models in our production line.
  • Volume (35%) and quality leader worldwide with many corporate customers; FedEx, Compaq, Sharp, 3Com, Telxon, HP, Microsoft, Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Ford Motor, Infineon, IBM.
  • Elected as Year2K Chairs of two of the three IrDA committees, Technical and Test/InterOp committees by full 142 IrDA memberships!  
  • Chair of Wireless Connectivity at international conferences for 4 years
  • Flexible and fast IrDA product customization and consultation.  
  • Fully owned production/testing facility to control quality and cost.
  • Capable of 100,000 units/month ramp up with short notice.

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1991: Shipped the industry-first pocket size IR (ASK) adapter, ACTiR-3S+ for Sharp-Zaurus, Wizard and Apple-Newton. This unit enables both IR wireless file transfer to PC and wireless printing to any parallel printer, two function in one adapter!

1993: Demonstrated at Fall Comdex the industry-first IrDA and ASK dual-mode RS232 IR serial adapter, ACT-IR200L, only two months after IrDA formation!

1994: Shipped the industry-first RS232 IrDA serial adapter, ACTiIR220L that has maximum range of 0 cm - 240 cm, requiring no external power!

1995: Introduced the industry-first IrDA-1.0 secondary-station protocol software stack, ACT-IR940SW that has the tightest code size (3.5 Kbytes)! This was used in our successful parallel printer adapter, ACT-IR100M.

1996: Co-authored the IrDA-Light specification for IrDA, more suitable for embedded mobile devices like cellular phone, pager, medical device, etc.

1997: Introduced the industry-first motherboard FIR (4Mbps) adapter, ACT-IR2000L, FIR/MIR/SIR system test software, ACT-IR9000SW and ruggedized IrDA serial adapter, ACT-IR220LR.

1998: Introduced the industry-first FIR desktop tester, ACT-IR2000BL, and Inter-Op Test Lab for system and component test, full IrDA Physical Spec. Compliance Test Lab. We also contributed to the development of VFIR (16Mbps) and Desktop Dongle Spec.

1999: Introduced handheld FIR tester, ACT-IR3000M.

2000: ACTiSYS executives, Dr. Yeh and Dr. Wang, were re-elected for 2nd term (2000, 2001) as chairs of IrDA Technical and Test/Interoperability committees by full 142 members.


We sell our products directly to OEMs and through VARs and distributors. Support is provided by well trained in-house technical support staff through phone, Internet and CompuServe.


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