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-- Technical Support & Trouble Shooting Guide --

ACTiSYS Corporation has provided this online section of trouble shooting guidelines for your review. In order to save yourself valuable time, please review them before contacting our technical support team.

FAQ for ACTiSYS FIR Motherboard Adapter, IR2000L

Q: How do I know if my motherboard supports IrDA or not?

A: There are two ways to find out. One way is from your motherboard menu. Another way is from our web site ( where it has partial list of IrDA-ready motherboards. Please check with your motherboard supplier:

a) If their IrDA function was tested?

b) What IR speeds have been tested to work well?

c) Is the IrDA pinout on motherboard accurate?

d) What IrDA I/O chip (model #) is used on the motherboard?

Q: I have a motherboard that supports IrDA. Which product should I choose from you?

A: We have two adapters that are attached to and support IrDA motherboard. They are IR-210L and IR-2000L. IR210L is for SIR, 9.6K-115.2K bps. IR2000L is for FIR with speeds up to 4M bps.

Q: What kind of driver software should I install for infrared function?

A: There are two free drivers from Microsoft: Infrared Driver Ver. 2.0 Infrared Driver Ver. 3.0 Beta. Ver. 2.0 is for SIR and is used with IR210L adapter. Ver. 3.0 Beta is for FIR which will be officially introduced with Windows 98, and is used with IR2000L. Before installing Ver. 3.0, you need to know which I/O chip is used on your motherboard. You'll need the appropriate device driver for the respective IrDA I/O chip on your motherboard, together with the Windows 95 IR driver. There are three manufacturers: Winbond, SMC and NS (National Semiconductor). You may get this information from their web sites: NS:, Winbone:, SMC:

Q: If my motherboard just supports SIR, can I use IR2000L?

A: Yes, our IR2000L supports both SIR and FIR. You can use IR2000L as SIR for now. After you upgrade your motherboard, you can still use the same IR2000L for FIR.

Q: If my motherboard doesn't support FIR, do you have any other product for FIR?

A: Yes, we have IR2000B, an ISA-bus add-on card. It is used together with IR2000L for FIR speed up to 4M bps. IR2000B uses National Semiconductor PC87108A I/O chip. It supports 5 modes: SIR, MIR, FIR, CIR, 500kHz ASK.

Q: What kind of operating systems can I use for these IrDA products?

A: You can use Windows 95 operation system for SIR and FIR (beta), and DOS for SIR. Microsoft will release Windows 98 and NT 5.0 that also has built-in FIR driver which was tested against our IR2000B+IR2000L as reference.

Q: How can I set up my motherboard in BIOS?

A: Motherboard uses UART 2 as infrared communication port. You need to set to HPSIR or IrDA 1.0 for SIR, HPFIR or IrDA 1.1 for FIR and HALF DUPLEX mode.

 If the problem is still unsolved, please contact ACTiSYS technical support.


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