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ACTiSYS Corp is a leading supplier of wireless IrDA and ASK-IR protocol software, adapters and tester for 115.2k to 16M bps, since 1989. ACTiSYS also provides the USB to IrDA adapters, probes & analyzers, testers and IrSimple products . Our web site provides great insight and ordering information regarding our IrDA products and technology. Please browse our web site to see how we can help you today!


ACTiSYS announced new IrSimple Debug & Test Suite, and VFIR, FIR, IrSimple Protocol Probe & Analyzer (new!)

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ACTiSYS provides the highest quality IrDA adaptors for your needs.

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Review accessories, mobile devices and other hardware ACTiSYS recommends for use with IrDA adaptors.

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IrDA adaptors make your life easier by allowing numerous electronic devices to communicate without wires!

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