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Hand-held IrDA-1.1 (9.6K-4M bps) System Tester

-- Description --

Each ACT-IR3200M replaces the following: desktop PC, FIR add-on card and serial adapter, to test FIR/MIR/SIR of various IrDA DUT (Device Under Test).

Pocket size, battery operated, optional AC adapter. Test status and results indicated by LED's or audio.

Connecting IR3200M to the notebook PC Com port, facing the FIR window, you can now test the FIR function of notebook in a simple loop test! This quick loop test was possible only with SIR before!

Using one IR3200M, you can easily test IrDA-enabled digital camera, PDA, smart cell phone, pager, data terminal, printer, etc.

Using IR3200M and a fixture driven by the second IR3200M, you can easily replace and test many IrDA transceiver modules! This was not possible before!

One button operation to test both IrDA hardware and default IrDA protocol driver which consists of:

-Media busy condition.

-Discovery procedure.

-Connections at all the data rates supported.

-IAS inquiries of DeviceName and IrLMPSupport.

-Verify Test Frames if the DUT-IrLAP supports it.

-Disconnect, go back to Normal Contention Mode and connect at the next supported data rate, make IAS inquiries, exchange test frames, etc. 

-Customized IrDA test program can be stored in a flash ROM inside. It can be programmed by connecting IR3200M to the Com port of desktop PC, or can also be controlled and test progress displayed on PC, interactively!

Also available separately from ACTiSYS: Testing Embedded DUT? 

PC software to configure and customize IrDA test program. 

PC software to control IR3200M interactively. 

FIR Driver support for many IrDA notebook models. 

Simplified IrDA stacks for many other device types.

-- Specifications --



IrDA-1.1/1.0 (FIR/MIR/SIR) compatible.


Communication speeds programmable at 9.6, 19.2, 38.4, 57.6, 115.2 Kbps for IrDA-1.0 mode, and 9.6K to 4M bps for IrDA-1.1 mode. It can reach distance of 0cm to 100cm.


An USB type B connector


4 x AA battery or AC adapter (Optional)


Active: 158 mA (521.4 mW); Sleep: 84 mA (277.2 mW) ; Power down: 11uA (36.3 uW)


2.0"L x 1.63"W x 0.63"H (51mm x 41mm x 16mm) / 6.6 oz.; 175gr.(with batteries)


PC software to configure and customize IrDA test.

PC software to control IR3200M interactively.

FIR Driver support for many IrDA notebook models.

Simplified IrDA stacks for many other device types.

 Compatible with the following IR or IrDA capable devices: 

All notebook PC's 

Windows 95-IR driver 2.0

Windows 98, NT 5.0-IR driver 3.0

Windows CE 2.0

Puma-Tranxit pro

Handheld PC/PDA: 
Norand, LXE, 3 COM Palm Pilot III

Sharp Zaurus, Power Zaurus, HHP

TELXON, Symbol, Psion Series 5

All Windows CE2.0-H/PC

HP-5MP Laser Printer

HP-6P Laser Printer

Cell phone:
Nokia 9000, 6000 series

Motorola Page Writer 2000

Digital Camera:
Sony DSC-F1

Sharp VE-LS5 

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