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(IrDA-USB Printer Adapter)

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-- Description --

Simply attach to a printer using USB port and gives printing from the IrDA enabled devices.

Supports all SIR speeds (9.6k, 19.2k, 38.4k, 57.6k and 115.2k bps). Compatible with most IrDA devices with IrLPT protocol such as notebook PC, Cellphone, Modem, Instruments, Data Terminals, Digital Camera, Image Capture Devices and others

Easy to use and no driver is required. USB-RJ45 conversion cable plays as an interface between ACT-IR100MU and USB cable from printer to enable the printer wireless capability.(Optional USB Printer cable USB type A-B with 180 cm: ACT1-213 or 120 cm Conversion cable ACT1-214 is available for order also.- see NOTE below)

True PnP (Plug And Play) and hot insertion capability

Compliant with USB 1.1 specification (HOST) and IrDA (IrLPT 1.4) specification

Obtains power from AC power adapter: 7.5 V DC 300 mA; power jack pin 1.3 mm dia; Inside positive Ve polarity.

Low power consumption.

Compact size.

*NOTE: The bundled 10cm conversion cable (RJ45 male-to-USB type A female) will NOT connect to the USB type B connector of USB printers. This short cable connects to IR100MU's RJ45 port and USB printer cable's USB type A male connector. We assume users already have USB-A/B printer cable with their USB printers to connect to PC.
But if your USB printer doesn't bundle with, and you have not bought any USB-A/B printer cable, then you'll need to buy our ACT1-213 cable, the standard USB printer cable (USB type A male-to-USB type B male) OR 120 cm ACT1-214 longer conversion cable to direct connect to printer.

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