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-- Technical Support & Trouble Shooting Guide --

ACTiSYS Corporation has provided this online section of trouble shooting guidelines for your review. In order to save yourself valuable time, please review them before contacting our technical support team.

ACT-IR100M IrDA Printer Adapter FAQ

  • Q: What operating systems will the IR100M work in?

Answer: The ACT-IR100M is compatible with the following operating systems, Win 3.1, Win 95, Win 98, and Windows 2000.

  • Q: How do I reset the hardware for the IR100M?

    Hardware Reset for ACT-IR100M

Answer :

Plug in all cables to 100M. Make sure that the printer is powered.

Make sure that the power LED on the 100M is lit up red. Then, plug and unplug the AC adapter on the 100M side then plug it back in. You should hear the sound on the 2.0 driver of losing the 100M then regaining the 100M after plugging the device back in.

  • Question: How do I reset the software for the IR100M?

           Software Reset for ACT-IR100M


1. In Win 95/98 control panel, double click the infrared icon.

2. Go to "options" in the infrared monitor.

3. Uncheck the top box. Go to the bottom and "apply" your adjustment.

4. Close infrared monitor. Option it up again, and go to "options".

5. Check the top box, all boxes will become checked. Go the bottom and apply the adjustment.

6. You have just disabled and then enabled the IR monitor.

  • Question: How do I print files from my laptop or IrDA equipped computer?


Printing Files via Infrared Devices for Windows User

1. Follow the application note 3.1 to setup the infrared device ACT-IR210L(ACT-IR220L).

2. If you have the IrDA equipped printer, skip to step5. Otherwise, you have to use ACT-IR100M adapter.

3. Connect the printer cable to the ACT-IR100M and use the external AC adapter to supply power.

4. Use another cable connect the other side of ACT-IR100M and the PC system that you may to print through the cable.

5. Setup up the printer as an infrared printer.

a). Open the "Printer" folder in the "Setting" menu of the "Start" menu. b). From the list of installed printer click on the printer that the ACT-IR100M is connected to or the printer with IrDA equipped. c). Choose "Properties" in the "File" menu. d). You need to go into the "Detail" index. e). In the "Print To The Following Port" dialog box choose LPT3 (infrared printing). f). Click "OK". g). Click on "Set as Default Printer" and Click on "Close".

6. Make the ACT-IR210L(ACT-IR220L) point to the infrared head of ACT-IR100M(or point to the infrared equipment of your infrared equipped printer) and go into any Windows application and you can print via infrared automatically. 

  • Question: I have installed everything as prescribed. Why doesn’t it work?

          Troubleshooting the ACT-IR100M

1. Check the AC adapter. Make sure it is firmly attached to ACT-IR100M and to the wall outlet. Also it should be 7.5V-12V, inside positive.

2. Check the path between ACT-IR100M and your portable PC. Make sure there are no obstructions. The ACT-IR100M and your portable PC should be aligned properly.

3. Check the infrared driver communication port setting on your portable PC. Make sure there is no conflict between your infrared device and other devices such as a mouse, a modem.

4. Check the printer setting on your portable PC. Make sure it is using an infrared printing port.

If the problem is still unsolved, please contact ACTiSYS technical support.

  • Question: What products is the IR100M Compatible with?


    Compatible with the follo0wing IrDA capable devices:

    Notebook: Software: Handheld PC/PDA:
    All IrDA notebook PC running appropriate IrDA application software. Windows 95-IR driver 2.0

    Windows 98, Office 2000

    Windows CE 2.0

    Puma-Tranxit Pro.

    Palm Pilot III, V & VII


    Sharp Zaurus, Power Zaurus.

    Psion 3C/Series 5

    All Windows CE 2.0-H/PC

    Norand, LXE, etc.

    Cellphone: Known Compatible vs. Incompatible Printers:

    Nokia 9000, 9000i


    Sharp PMC

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 If the problem is still unsolved, please contact ACTiSYS technical support.


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