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IrSimple Primary and Secondary Protocol Debug and Test Suite, ACT-IR9005

  • Facilitates testing and debugging of IrSimple LAP, LMP, SMP and OBEX Layers.

  • Supports both IrSimple Primary and Secondary devices.

  • Supports IrDA FIR (4Mbps), MIR (0.576 & 1.152Mbps) and SIR (9.6-115.2Kbps) data rates.

  • The only tester that implemented all 209 IrSimple Test Cases as per IrSimple Test Spec-v1.0.

  • Test software and Debugger intelligence are easily upgradeable and expandable.

  • Friendly and comprehensive multi-window GUI for easy viewing and operation.

  • Able to test & debug several Test Cases of one Test Group by downloading SW once only

  • Detailed information regarding test progress, test results and violations are displayed in different color, in separate windows, for each Test Case.

  • Debugger module describes the reason for Test Failure in every IrSimple Test Case.

  • User can customize Test Cases based on their IrSimple Primary/Secondary device features.

  • User can run IR9005SW easily without knowing IrDA IrSimple Test Specification in detail.

  • Automatically generates official IrSimple Test Report as per approved Test Report Templates.

  • Approved by IrDA as the "official" IrSimple test tool to qualify IrSimple devices.

  • Speeds up the IrDA® IrSimple Qualification of your IrSimple products.

  • You may buy one model, and easily upgrade to other Debug and Test Suite models:

    ACT-IR9006SW (IrDA Primary and Secondary Protocol Debug and Test Suite)

    ACT-IR9007SW (IrDA OBEX Server and Client Protocol Debug and Test Suite)

    ACT-IR9008SW (IrFM PTD and POS Protocol Debug and Test Suite)

    ACT-IR3200SW (IrDA BER, Bit Error Rate, Hand Held Tester)

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