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ACT-BT5711U / BT5711U-v2 / BT5712U
(Bluetooth-to-RAW IR Bridge, Class 2, Battery Powered) / (Bluetooth to IR Bridge, Class 1, Battery Powered) / (Bluetooth to IrDA Bridge, Class 2, Battery Powered)

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Click for detailed spec (BT5711U-v2).

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-- Description --

Provides a Bridge solution between Bluetooth & Raw IR/IrDA on data transmission.

Converts Data received through Bluetooth from sender to traditional RAW-IR/IrDA data or vice versa.

Battery powered in addition to AC power operation. So user can use it in the field application.

[Baud Rate] Bluetooth side: 1.2k bps ~ 1843.2k bps; [default 9.6k bps]
IR side:1.2k, 2.4k, 4.8k, 9.6k, 19.2k, 38.4k, 57.6k and 115.2k bps; [default 9.6k bps]

Bluetooth Profile Supported: Serial Port Profile (SPP) as a Master or as a Slave

Provides optional ACT-BT5711U-EK/ ACT-BT5712U-EK Download kit and Configuration Utility

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