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ACTiSYS IrDA Compliance Test Center

IrDA-1.1 (9.6K-4M bps) System Test Software
  • Effective QC, Engineering diagnostic and efficient production-line IrDA test tool.
  • Adjustable packet size, # of packets, speeds, test patterns and send/receive/2-way. 
  • Works well with embedded portable IrDA-FIR devices as well as notebook PC.
  • Displays error rate of send, receive at each IR speed and DUT's IAS resource.
  • Works with ACTiSYS FIR add-on board and adapter, IR2000B/L. 

IrDA-1.1 (9.6K-4M bps) System Test Software

  • Same as IR9000SW for IrDA-1.1 (9.6K-4Mbps) system or component testing.  
  • Utilizes the efficient loop-test Test Frames facility already in IrDA Protocol Spec.
  • Ideal for testing digital camera, pager, smart phone, printer, medical device.
  • Works with ACTiSYS IrDA IR2000B/L IrDA adapter on the reference station.

IrDA ISA-BUS Add-On Card

  • Plugs into any desktop PC motherboard.
  • Gives you the full IrDA speeds from 9.6K to 4M bps.

IrDA motherboard Adapter

  • Plugs easily into IrDA-FIR ready desktop PC motherboard or IR2000B
  • Gives you the full IrDA speeds from 9.6K to 4M bps.

Hand-Held IrDA System Tester (9.6K - 4M bps)

  • Pocket size, 4 AA battery operated. Test status indicated by LED's or audio.
  • Replaces desktop PC, IR2000B/L to test FIR/MIR/SIR of various DUT's.
  • Connecting it to the notebook COM Port, facing the FIR window to do simple loop test!
  • To easily test IrDA-enabled PDA, smart cell phone, data terminal, printer, sub notebook, etc.
  • Using a fixture driven by the second IR3200M, you can test IrDA transceiver modules!
* One button operation to test both IrDA hardware
and Test Frames:
  • Media busy condition. 
  • Discovery procedure.
  • Connections at all the data rates supported.
  • IAS inquiries of Device Name and IrLMP support. 
  • Verify Test Frames if the DUT IrLAP supports it
  • Disconnect, go back to Normal Contention Mode and re-connect.
* Customize test program, or control and display test in progress interactively by connecting IR3200M to the PC COM Port.
* Customized test program can be stored in flash ROM inside the unit.
* Specifications:

  • 3.58"L x 3.75"W x 1.25"H / 6.6 oz. Active power: 158mA, Sleep: 84mA, Power down: 11mA. Vcc: 3.3V USB type B connector. Optional AC adapter. 
* Also available separately from ACTiSYS:
  • PC software to configure and customize IrDA test program.
  • PC software to control IR3200M interactively.
  • FIR Driver support for many IrDA notebook models.
  • Simplified IrDA stacks for various embedded device.

ACT-IR2000B/L FIR Add-on Card


ACT-IR3200M Handheld Tester


Notebook FIR Loop Test

Testing Transceiver Modules


Testing Embedded DUTs 


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