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IrDA set up Test Council (IrDA-TC) in 1997 to assure useful IrDA inter-
operability and out-of-box user experience.

1. Five IrDA Certification Test Lab's have been authorized by IrDA-TC 
in July 1998 to develop test procedures and to test Reference Products 
and DUT's. Each Test Lab may claim to be capable of Inter-Op Test only 
or both Inter-Op and IrDA Compliance Tests. The latter capability is 
required to qualify the Reference Product for each device category. 
ACTiSYS operates two Test Lab's; in our Fremont, Ca. headquarter and 
Taiwan subsidiary. Both Lab's have been the only ones with full Inter-
Op and Compliance test capability and started operation in Oct. 98.

2. Test Lab. will test and recommend "Golden Reference Product" for 
each device category that meets IrDA Physical (BER) and Protocol Spec. 
as well as pass the Inter-Op test. IrDA-TC will review the test report 
submitted by the Test Lab. If passed, it will recommend to the IrDA full 
Board of Directors which will review and if approve, inform the IrDA 
office. The IrDA office will issue "IrDA Reference Product" certification 
documents and list the product model on the IrDA web site.

3. Inter-Op test will subject DUT to be tested against these Golden 
Reference Products for functional inter-op of the specified functions 
of the DUT. Bit Error Rate is usually also tested and included in the 
Test lab report. The procedure of receiving official "IrReady" 
certification and listed on IrDA web site is the same as described 
above for "IrDA Reference Product".

4. IrReady is an updated IrDA inter-op certification program with 
many elements updated and new requirements added to ensure good out-of-
the-box user experience which works with small and large files and also 
lasts. Many new Application Profiles (e.g. Point and Shoot, etc.) have 
been defined, each of which is associated with test and interop guide- 
lines which the IrDA Test Labs will implement. IrObex is required for 
certain devices and BER test using IrLAP Test Frame will be mandatory. 


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